For anyone who is not completely happy with the way that their smile looks, LUMINEERS are a brilliant option. These very slimline slips are made from porcelain and can immediately change the way that your teeth look without any invasive surgery. For those with crooked or yellowing teeth, LUMINEERS could easily change the way you look and feel, in a completely toxic free and chemical free way.

Dental LumineersLUMINEERS will only be completely successful if the teeth, bone, and gum that they are attaching to are completely free of any decay, and so any decay or disease must be treated before LUMINEERS can be applied. Although similar, LUMINEERS are not the same as dental veneers, and can last more than twenty years without harming your original teeth whatsoever. Just two appointments are all it takes.

If you have the below concerns, then LUMINEERS could be a great choice for you:

  • Teeth with large gaps between them
  • Crooked and misaligned teeth
  • Stained or misshapen teeth
  • Uneven teeth and gums
  • Crowns and/or bridges that look unnatural

What are the benefits of LUMINEERS?

One of the great benefits of LUMINEERS – and why so many people love them – is that there is absolutely no pain involved in their fitting, and if you decide in time that you no longer want them, they can be removed without damaging your original natural teeth, and your speech and eating will not be changed.

Some of the other great advantages include:

  • Durability of 20 years plus
  • No drilling necessary
  • No injections necessary
  • No pain or discomfort
  • Just two appointments from start to finish
  • Can be applied to just one tooth if required
  • Teeth look white and perfectly straight immediately
  • Contact lens thinness
  • Reversible treatment

How strong are LUMINEERS?

Cerinate porcelain may not be a household name, but it certainly is for dentists! This substance has been proven time and time again for its strength even when in very thin quantities. The colour can be modified if you wish to match to the rest of your teeth.

How are these applied?

Unlike dental veneers which require serious etching to be applied to the teeth in order to ensure that they stay on, LUMINEERS hardly require any etching whatsoever, which means that your teeth will not be altered. Also, LUMINEERS can be applied without any drilling or anaesthetic.

At your first appointment, x-rays of your mouth will be taken, and a mold will also be taken so that your dentist has the impression of your teeth. They will also examine your teeth to determine whether there is any tooth decay or gum disease, both of which will need to be dealt with first. Then the dentist will decide what colour and consistency is a good match for you.

As the x-rays and molds are sent to a lab that will expertly create your LUMINEERS, and then at your second appointment they will be placed carefully by your dentist. After being buffed and smoothed, your LUMINEERS will be ready and your smile will be complete.

To see if LUMINEERS are right for you, call (619) 640-5100 for a free consultation.