Dental implants have existed for more than three decades. When they were first introduced to the public, they were new technology that didn’t always work. In those days, a dental implant was an alternative to root canal therapy and a way to replace missing teeth. The procedure involved a single tooth, took a year or more to heal properly and often failed.

Today, implants are smaller, better, require less healing time and can support multiple teeth. This has allowed for the remarkable All-on-4 procedure for complete upper or lower arch restoration.

If you’ve lost all your teeth on the top, bottom or both – or believe you soon will – total arch restoration with All-on-4 could be a sensible alternative to individual implants, other kinds of implant-supported dentures or traditional removable dentures.

complete arch - 4 dental implants

Complete Arch Restoration With Implants (All-On-Four)

Advantages Of All-on-4 Treatment

All-on-4 implant-supported dentures involve less complexity and less healing time than other full-arch restoration techniques based on implant technology. Here’s the primary innovation: the back implants are long and tilted so that they go into strong, healthy bone. This means there’s no need for bone grafting – which can take months to heal – and less chance of pain and complications.

And this new way of doing implant-supported dentures actually costs less than older procedures.

Some of the benefits of All-on-4 treatment instead of dental implants and other restoration methods include:

Amazingly fast treatment. The four implants that support an entire arch of teeth can be implanted in a single visit – and you can leave with teeth that day. There’s no need for multiple surgeries.

Excellent savings. Since the All-on-4 alternative to traditional dental implants is quicker, simpler and involves fewer dental visits, you save money while getting great results. There’s no downside with All-on-4.

Stability even if you have bone loss. Since the back implants are longer and tilted to go into strong bone, you can get better stability than with removable dentures. And there’s no need for costly and slow-healing bone grafts as with traditional dental implants. Plus, teeth fit closely and snugly for better comfort than you ever imagined possible.

Better appearance. It’s not just your teeth that look better when you choose All-on-4. Since your jawbone is preserved, you don’t get the facial structure deterioration you get with missing teeth. While other kinds of dental implants help with this as well, you only need four small implants to get this benefit from All-on-4. Your face will never look caved in, and wrinkles around your mouth are less likely, increasing your youthfulness.

Complete function. When you choose All-on-4, you can eat whatever you want. You’ll find that your eating habits will actually be better than when you had missing teeth or improperly fitted dentures. You’ll be able to eat with comfort and enjoy whatever kind of foods you want without pain, embarrassment or loose, clicking dentures.

Lifetime results. With All-on-4, the your fixed dentures supported by four small, carefully placed dental implants and can last a lifetime – without you ever having to remove them and with only routine dental care from the dentist, which you need with any kind of restoration and with natural teeth too.

All-On-4 Is Today’s Dental Implant Choice

If you need your entire upper or lower arch replaced, there’s a dental implant procedure that’s a smart alternative to traditional implants and implant-supported dentures. It’s called All-on-4, and it’s something we specialize in.

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