dental onlay on a molar tooth

Porcelain onlay on a molar tooth

Most people know about onlays, but they will call them partial crowns. They are a restorative treatment for teeth that have become cracked or have a lot of decay, and they are usually made of composite, resin, or gold – but porcelain in the most popular.

Many people will choose onlays because they are a brilliant and non-intrusive way to give your teeth the support that they need, and they also have the benefit of returning your smile to you. Dentists will prefer to give these rather than caps because it leaves more of your natural tooth in your mouth. Although they are made to last and are very durable, some dental maintenance could be required.

Onlays are a good decision for you if you have:

  • Broken teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Fillings that are very big
  • Fillings that are broken
  • Teeth that are very decayed

Some people will even choose onlays for cosmetic enhancement, because it will give them more confidence with their smile.

What is involved in getting an onlay?

Two appointments with your dentist will be required when you choose to have onlays, but they are both simple and painfree. In the first appointment, your teeth will have molds taken of them so that the onlays can be made to perfectly fit your mouth, and then your dentist will remove all other traces of work in your mouth, such as decay or fillings. Then a temporary filling will be placed in the gaps to keep your teeth clean and safe until you receive your onlay.

By your second appointment, your onlays will be ready, and your dentist will place them in your mouth taking care to return your bite to normal. Once they and you are completely happy, you’ll be able to go home with your brand new smile. Remember that a good diet, good dental hygiene, and visiting your dentist regularly will help to keep your onlays in the best condition possible.

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