When a tooth has been so badly damaged that it is no longer the same size or shape that it was when it was healthy, a dentist may decide that the best way to maintain it and the teeth around it is to offer a dental cap or crown.

The most popular type of dental cap that is usually offered is a porcelain one, usually chosen due to its tooth-colored property. Many people will not even notice that it is not a real tooth, and their strength mean that they can last for many years – though they are not indestructible, and will need a dentist to check on them every year or so. Your dentist can ensure the dental cap you receive fits with your other teeth to give you a perfect smile.

Dental Crown

Dental Crown

You may want to talk to your dentist about receiving a dental cap or crown if you have:

  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Fillings that are broken
  • Fillings that are very large
  • Root canal work on your teeth

What is involved in getting a dental crown?

Two appointments are usually required for the fitting of a dental crown, as accurate impressions and molds of your teeth and jaw need to be taken first. A temporary crown will be placed in your mouth so that your tooth is protected while the dental lab makes up your permanent crown from the molds.

All decay will need to be removed by your dentist in the area where your crown is going before the temporary crown is fitted, so that the dentist can be assured that everything is happy and healthy. Your dentist will make sure that you can bite and chew properly before you leave your first appointment.

At the second appointment the permanent crown is ready to be fitted. The temporary crown will be removed, and the tooth cleaned once more to ensure maximum hygiene, and the dental crown will then be placed on your tooth. Again, your dentist will ensure that your bite and natural chewing will not be hindered by the new crown.

Your dentist will inform you as to how best you can take care of your crown, and this will include excellent oral care, and regular check ups.

To find out if dental crowns are the best solution for you, call (619) 640-5100 to make an appointment with Dr. Paige Woods, DDS.