If you wish to whiten the colour of your teeth, then whitening or bleaching is a great way to do it that does not require any invasive surgery or anesthetic.

Many people are concerned about not having a bright white smile, and so dentists have developed many options for their patients to try out. The majority of patients will try a home whitening system, which is a convenient choice, but will only work on natural teeth, and so can create strange results if the person has any fillings. That is why dentists often work directly with their patients to create a white and natural looking smile.

whitened teeth

Whitened Teeth

Tooth whitening is not permanent, and further treatment will be required in the future to maintain the look –and people who regularly consume coffee, tea, wine, or who smoke will find that the results will disappear quickly.

You should consider talking to your dentist about teeth whitening if you have:

  • Yellow or brown staining on your teeth
  • Teeth that have been worn
  • Fluorosis, or too much excess fluoride in your teeth

What is involved with teeth whitening?

Two visits will be required for teeth whitening that take place at your dentist’s office, and impressions or molds will be taken of your teeth and jaw so that the dental lab can construct accurate clear trays that will be holding the whitener.

When you come for your second appointment, the clear trays will be fitted to your teeth, and your dentist will make any changes required for them to be comfortable in your mouth. You will then take the trays home, and you will use them with the special bleach which is a whitening solution for half an hour morning and evening – or overnight, if you wish – for around two weeks. Your dentist will advise you on exactly how long to do this in order to achieve the whiteness that you want.

Many people will experience slight sensitivity in their teeth during this process, but it will disappear once the treatment is completed. All care instructions required will be given to you by your dentist, and regular visits with them will help you to keep your teeth healthy and white.

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