There’s no perfect formula for ensuring that a pair of dentures will always fit a patient – instead, it is a delicate science that involves true art as well. A dentist must not only be highly skilled, but also rich in experience, so that they can complete a full facial profile analysis to completely understand your exact and individual needs. As well as looking how you want, your dentist will work hard to ensure that your oral functions such as speaking and chewing are not impaired.

Dr. Paige Woods has dedicated a huge part of her dental expertise into the fitting and proper placement of dentures, so that her patients do not suffer from ‘denture look’. All of the people that she supports will complete the process with comfortable dentures.

What Are My Denture Options?



Many people do not realise that there are two options that are available when it comes to choosing dentures: complete or partial. A complete set of dentures will be taking the place of absolutely all of the teeth that you would normally have in your mouth, and partial dentures are given when some of the original natural teeth remain. Partial dentures also have the added bonus of helping to save the teeth that you still have, and usually remain in place a lot better because they have your real teeth to ground themselves on. There are also different ways that you can mix the two, with complete on the top and partial, or vice versa.

Within the world of complete dentures, you can have them either immediate or conventional. Immediate dentures are dentures that have been made ahead of time, so that when you go in for your appointment to take out any of the final teeth that remain, the dentures can be placed immediately into your mouth. This option means that you do not spend any time without teeth, but you will need to go back to your dentist for frequent check ups as the healing process continues. On the other hand, conventional dentures are made after your gums have healed from the extractions, and are usually placed between four to six weeks afterwards. The newest option available, is a permanent fixed denture solution called All-on-four, which although more expensive, superior in almost every way to the other options.

Are Denture Alternatives Available?

For some people, dentures is not the treatment option that they want to pursue, but there are other choices that you can make. For example, you can choose dental implants, perfect for supporting permanent bridges.

Dental implants do have a slightly higher cost associated with them, but when they are combined with bridges they are much more able to give you the look and feel of real teeth, and so are a more popular choice with those who depend on comfort. Speak to your dentist to discover if you are a good candidate for this treatment option.

Are Dentures Covered By Insurance?

In most situations, dental insurance will cover at least a percentage of the cost of dentures, and you can speak to us, the experts, to better understand exactly how your dental insurance provider works with us to ensure the best possible treatment plan for you.

What’s Involved In Getting Dentures?

Dr. Paige Woods, DDS

Dr. Paige Woods, DDS

You will need to visit your dentist on several occasions over a period of up to six weeks, during which time impressions will be made of your jaw and teeth. This helps your dentist to create a wax or plastic model to work from, so that we can try out temporary dentures. We’ll work closely with you to choose the shape, fit, and colour of your new dentures, and then we’ll make your permanent dentures which will then be fitted perfectly to you. After receiving your dentures, a few more appointments will be needed to ensure that you are completely happy.
“Patient comfort is our highest priority, and that means creating beautiful, comfortable dentures that will restore your smile.” 

– Dr. Paige Woods, DDS


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