When you have missing teeth, a brilliant choice to keep teeth around those gaps stable is a dental bridge. This is non-removable, and is fixed in order to give your teeth some security. Although there are many different types of bridge that your dentist can offer you, the most common and popular is a porcelain bridge that has been fused over metal – probably because they look like completely normal teeth.

Two crowns on the teeth either side of the gap will be required in order to hold the bridge in place, and then a fake tooth will sit in the gap. The durability of bridges is widely recognised, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t visit your dentist regularly for a check up.

Porcelain FBridge

Porcelain Fixed Bridge

You should consider talking to your dentist about bridges if you have:

  • Missing teeth
  • A drooping face along your jawline
  • Moving teeth
  • Problems with chewing
  • Embarrassment because of the gaps in your smile
  • A painful partial bridge

What is involved in a fixed bridge?

At least two visits to your dentist will be required to receive a bridge. At the first appointment, small parts of enamel will be removed from the neighbouring teeth in order to fit the bridge in properly. Molds and impressions of your teeth and jaw will then be taken so that the bridge can be made precisely in a dental lab. Your dentist will then fit a temporary bridge that will sit there while you wait for your permanent bridge.

That permanent bridge will be examined at your second appointment, and your dentist will make any amends to its size and shape necessary to fit into your mouth comfortably. Depending on circumstances, your dentist may fit the bridge in with a temporary glue so that you can see whether or not you are happy with the fit. You may then have it permanently secured at a third appointment.

When everything is fitted to your dentist’s satisfaction, you will need to follow their advice with regards to cleaning and general hygiene, and you should maintain regular check ups with your dentist.

To find out if a porcelain fixed bridge is right for you, please call (619) 640-5100 to make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Paige Woods, DDS.