Understanding How Same Day Dental Implants Can Work For You

Did you know that same day dental implants are available that could allow you to leave the dental office with beautiful, function teeth after just a short time in the chair? Everything can be done in a single visit when you choose one of the same day dental implants options available now.

Mounted on just four, five or six implants in most cases, single visit dental implants support a fixed prosthesis. It’s a smart choice when you’re ready to move up from your removable dentures or when you’re facing extractions and don’t know which restoration option is right for you.

After an assessment and consultation, you can visit our office for a single day of treatment and leave with permanent implants and a non-removable, fixed denture that serves as permanent replacement teeth for you.

Success rates are high, pain is minimal and the treatment can restore the complete upper or lower arch – or both. Same day dental implants are being used more often today because they save time, money and hassles and provide excellent results.

Here are more details about same day dental implants:

X-rays and a CT scan are usually the first steps. The scan creates a 3D model that provides most of the information necessary to plan your single visit dental implants and non-removable prosthesis. A surgical guide is then created that directs the implant placement. Fixed provisional teeth are created that are attached to your new implants on the same day as the surgery to install the implants.

When you come in for your implant surgery, everything is prepared for you. That means:
Same day dental implant• We’re ready to extract any remaining teeth that need to be extracted.
• Planning regarding the length, diameter and number of dental implants as well as their locations has been done.
• A precise surgical guide created by a master technician has been made based on the 3D model provide by the CT scan.
• Provisional teeth are ready to be inserted as soon as the implant surgery is complete.
• Anesthesia is ready for you so you won’t have to deal with anything during the surgery.

Using the surgical plan and guides available to her, Dr. Paige Woods inserts your dental implants with expert precision and complete efficiency. You’ll be awake by the time your new teeth are fitted into place. While the whole procedure takes a few hours from the time you arrive at Brighton Dental until you’re ready to go home, the process is completed in a single visit. You’ll need some followup visits to make sure your mouth is healing and that your same day dental implants and fixed prosthesis fit, work and look as they should.

It’s difficult to overstate how much difference same day dental implants make in the lives of the people who choose this option. Our patients are often remarkably surprised by the quality and beauty of their traditional dental restorations, and that amazement is only amplified when a patient sees an entire mouthful of new teeth after only a few hours.

If it’s time to do something about your failing teeth or replace your ill-fitting removable dentures, same day dental implants could be the perfect solution for you. If they’re not, we have other options.

Make an appointment with our dental clinic, and let us explain today’s dental restoration options to you. We can make your smile look better than you ever thought possible and restore full function for you in many different ways. To start the ball rolling, simply contact us at Brighton Dental San Diego at (619) 640-5100. Dr. Paige Woods is waiting to meet you.



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