Having a pioneering new system to understand exactly what is going on in your mouth is a brilliant asset both for us and for you. The Carestream CS 3500 intraoral scanner is a simple device packed with incredible technology, and we use it all of the time in order to offer much more accurate crowns and restorations for you, with fewer problems and less pain.

No one enjoys having to make impressions, a process that is not only time consuming but also messy, and this new technology has arrived in the practice for all of our patients.

The great thing about this technology is that it is not a huge and unwieldly thing, or something that is only installed on one computer that you have to try to find during each appointment, so it is even easier for you to use when you come and visit. There’s not even any powder required, so you can enjoy your appointment without discomfort.

3D Dental Scanning

Dr. Woods Using 3D Scanner

The sleek and lightweight design of the CS 3500 is a brilliant piece of technology so that it can scan at multiple angles up to a depth of 16 mm, so you can sit back and relax as the dentist and technology gets to work. The guidance system is pre-programmed so that the dentist can fix all of their attention on you, instead of becoming distracted by technology that requires constant input.

But the benefits of this new system do not stop there. Even old impressions that were taken previously can be converted into this new technology, so that we can use the 3D models to understand how to take care of the crowns and other restorations that have already been made. This technology bridges old and new, giving you the absolutely best of both worlds – and you don’t get left behind by new technology.

Innovation is at the centre of this new scanner, with computer software that enables us to keep records in one place completely safely. This is a great idea for our administrative system, because it means that we can dedicate our time to patient care rather than administrative tasks.

So what is going on in within this clever machine? Although it is able to do a huge amount, the technology itself is not that complex: it’s just a very good scanner that can be connected to any computer or laptop with a normal USB connector. This is a portable and easily useable system.

What makes it so popular with so many of our staff is that it can be used equally as simply for both left and right handed people, and the projection screen means that we focus on you rather than it. Precision care is the next step for dentistry, and this means accurate and positive results.

We put the machine into Feedback mode, which will project two lights to guide the dentist perfectly, immediately making any changes that are required to keep within the best practice parameters. Just a few minutes are enough for a complete scan of your mouth.

3D Dental Scanning

Even better than that, there’s also a Guide mode which makes it easier to train new staff so that every single one of us here at the practice can offer the highest quality of care to our patients. The image that is created is full colour, giving us a clear understanding about what is tissue and what is enamel, or even dentin – essential pieces of information when we are working below the gum line so that your restoration is the absolute best that it can be. This is a great step up from the previous monochrome technology.

The scan is complete, and now the software can get to work creating the image from which your dentist will work from. It is saved to your file so that no matter when you come back to us, we will be able to access it easily, and this gives you the confidence to trust us again and again.

The CS 3500 intraoral scanner is the natural progression for us as a dental surgery that puts the patient first at every stage. These digital impressions only take about two minutes, and some procedures will require even less information. Without pain, without hassle, without mess, and without discomfort, this is the modelling technology of the future.

Why not come down to our practice, or call (619) 640-5100 and find out more for yourself?