The dental experts at Brighton Dental know that there are a huge variety of different illnesses and problems that patients can experience that are often described and diagnosed as Chronic Lyme Disease when actually this is more of an umbrella term; a diagnosis which covers a huge number of different infections that attack the body opportunistically when the body is busy fighting off Lyme infection.

Borrelia burgdorferi, the full Latin name for the bacteria that we know as the Lyme organism, and when it infects the body it creates an imbalanced ecosystem that makes it very easy for other types of bacteria and health issues to run rampant. There are some particular infections that are very often found within a patient who has the Lyme organism, such as babesiosis, bartonella, ehrliciosis, all of which coordinate together in order to attack the body. This can cause many different kinds of symptoms which often do not appear to be related in any way, including but not exclusive to endocrine, genitourinary, neurological, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and many other body systems. This is because the body can find it difficult to fight off the various infections and organisms, and the immune system responds across many different areas.

This response understandably causes havoc in the body, and this response only escalates so that eventually any and all kinds of tissue in the body could be affected. This chronic immune response can often go undiagnosed as medical experts cannot exactly put their finger on the initial cause. As the immune system attempts to concentrate on dealing with the major problem, many other different health problems can occur without the immune system being about to deal with them. As the doctor or dentist could become distracted by the symptoms caused by Lyme disease, more easily understood and treatable conditions can go undiagnosed and untreated, such as heavy metal toxicity or diabetes. This can cause health problems in the long run as the dual issues feed off each other, only getting worse.

toxic mercury filling replacement

Toxic Mercury Filling Replacement

Here at Brighton Dental, we work hard to support those who have Chronic Lyme Disease, and we take our responsibility to help identify any and all contributing factors so that our patients can live healthy and happy lives. There is no need for Lyme Disease to cause long term havoc for our patients, and we all work together to ensure that our patients understand what they can do at the same time to help their body.

One of the key cornerstones of our treatment plans here at Brighton Dental is that we have a holistic approach; a way of treating a patient that takes into account their entire body and all of their symptoms, rather than just working on many one particular symptom go away. Our treatments are all non-toxic, ensuring that no chemicals or toxins are introduced into the body – there is no need to concentrate on just killing an organism with poison, especially when that poison is going straight into the patient! Our approach is centred more on nourishing and supporting the healthy aspects of the patient, ensuring that the body’s natural immune system is able to fight back itself, bringing back the natural order of the body. This non-toxic approach is also beneficial for any other health problems that the patient may be fighting, reducing symptoms and supporting the body’s natural rhythms.

Our methods at Brighton Dental ensures that diagnostic tests are customised to individual patients, we get a full and comprehensive history, and offer genetic testing if appropriate. Treatment plans are just as varied, with diet plans, emotional support, IV therapies, and probiotic options.

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