In many cases, the best way for a dentist to help you to perfect your smile is to offer dental bonding, a procedure that uses composite resin material to repair and reshape. Many people who are insecure about their smile do not want the pain and trouble of orthodontics or veneers, which makes dental bonding the perfect choice for people who have uneven or chipped teeth. No anaesthetic is required for dental bonding, and just one visit will be enough to complete the procedure.

Dental bonding will remain in your mouth for several years, although it may discolour over time, and you may then want to return to have it replaced.

You may be the perfect candidate for dental bonding:

  • If you have gaps or spaces between your teeth
  • If you have chipped teeth
  • If you have cavities
  • If you have some teeth shorter than the other
  • If you have exposed roots
  • If you have stained teeth

What is involved with dental bonding?

When you have dental bonding the dentist will decide which teeth require the procedure, and then etch them slightly so that the bonding material has little crevices in order to hold on to. The dentist will then apply the resin that will hold the actual composite – which is tooth coloured – in place. Multiple layers will be added until the composite is applied, and then your dentist will use a special light to harden it all.

When the hardening has finished, your dentist will ensure that they buff and smooth out the bonded teeth so that they perfectly match your other teeth.

You can get a smile that you love easily with dental bonding, and if this is something that you are interested in, just contact our team at (619) 640-5100.