Enjoy a bright and happy smile from your dentures with no pain

Smiling shouldn’t hurt, which is why the denture solution that is offered is barely invasive and gives dentures that do not move and od not give you pain.

This treatment is very cost effective, and has been trusted by dentists for a long time as an option that offers a smile from dentures that do not require surgery or any complicated or expensive procedures. The Implant Supported Dentures Procedure has helped countless people to have dentures that do not embarrass or hurt them, so that you can say goodbye to ill-fitting dentures forever.

This information has been put together to answer the most frequent questions that potential patients have about this procedure, including stories of how it has benefited the general health of previous patients.

Implant Supported Denture

Implant Supported Denture

After all, an estimated 90% of people who have dentures are unhappy with the way that they fit and feel, and this can lead to painful conditions such as jawbone pain – and yet this procedure offers a treatment that takes away the pain and discomfort.

Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD (consultant and Co-founder for the CRA (Clinical Research Associates) Foundation), has stated that: “Compared to procedures for larger implants, the narrow body implant procedure, available from several companies, is non-invasive and more convenient because the implants can be immediately loaded. They can be placed less expensively because they are simple to place, and they cost less coming from the manufacturer.”

Implant supported dentures is a procedure that has been created to be much less invasive, and is a cheaper alternative to the larger implants that are offered to most patients. No incisions or stitches are required so patients are able to go back to their normal lives very quickly, unlike the more traditional larger implants. The entire procedure only takes up to an hour, and can be carried out with local instead of general anaesthetic.

The newest, and best implant supported dentures solution to date is called All-on-Four, which you can read about here.

A patient called Janina is 67 years old, and her life has been changed by the way that her implant supported dentures have helped her. More than ten years had gone by with painful and badly fitting dentures, and she knew that it was time to make a change. After deciding to go for implant supported dentures, and that appointment changed her life: “The minute after I underwent the procedure, I was in seventh heaven. I became a different person; I feel wonderful; and I am very happy with myself and how others compliment the way I look.” It is hard to believe sometimes that she put up with that pain and agony for so long. “Before having this easy procedure performed, I wasn’t able to wear my dentures because they hurt so badly, so I would take them out all the time, and that made me self-conscious of how I looked.”

After Implant Supported Dentures

After Implant Supported Dentures

Like many other patients in similar situations to Janine, her dentures did not fit, and that meant that the rubbing had caused painful sores in her jaw. Her ability to move her jaw properly had completely gone, and she was not even able to chew properly, leaving her unable to enjoy her food and conversation properly. And yet it just took one friend to suggest a different option. Now Janine has a completely different life: “I am not afraid to smile or talk or eat what I want, and I am not ashamed of how I look anymore. It’s amazing.If someone is having problems, I would tell them to check it [the Denture Comfort procedure] out.”

One of the key reasons why people avoid having traditional implants and dentures, sometimes struggling without teeth for a while, because they can cost more than $7000 – and yet the implant supported dentures are possible for only $2500 when the original dentures are used. This massive difference in price means that many people who were refused dentures due to a lack of sufficient bone within the jawline are shocked to discover that the cheaper option is even better for them, because only 2.2 mm of bone are required.

The problem is that many people who have dentures are retired, living on low and fixed incomes, and do not have a huge amount of disposable income that they can spend on something that feels as small and insignificant as their teeth. That is why the Implant Supported Dentures Procedure is perfect for these people, because it means that those who are older and without means are able to get the mouth health that they deserve. The procedure also means that more of the bone can be kept during the procedure, which is perfect for those who want to keep as healthy as possible.

Osteoporosis, or the weakening of bones, is something that women will suffer with after the menopause much more than any other age or gender group, which is why the Implant Supported Dentures Procedure is chosen for those who are worried about their bone health. The actual procedure involves implanting four titanium implants into the jaw, and then a silicone material is used so that the dentures can be realigned. This creates a comfortable hold that does not require any major surgery.What is really incredible about the Implant Supported Dentures Procedure is that stitches are not required, and so there is little swelling or discomfort after the procedure.

Many people who receive traditional dentures end up being very upset with the side effects that they then experience, such as shrunken faces because of the changes of the jawline, and embarrassment over this. There are also frequent problems that individuals have with their dentures moving around in their mouths, which means that their speech can become slurred, and that can cause painful sores and rubbings within their mouth. When they have the Implant Supported Dentures Procedure, they are then able to experience properly fitted dentures without pain or discomfort, and many of them report that they even forget that they have dentures in the first place!

As more and more people start to realise that Implant Supported Dentures Procedure could make a really meaningful difference in their lives, those who wear dentures of all ages and health levels are able to chew, talk, and laugh without fear or concern. There are even stories of patients hugging their dentists after receiving the procedure, so thankful they are for the change in their life. Many people will not realise that it is even possible for them to have a different kind of denture, and when it is stated that that procedure is actually cheaper, people will leap at the chance to make that difference to their lives.

Dr. Paige Woods, DDS

Dr. Paige Woods, DDS

“Reassuring patients that this procedure will work can be difficult, because other dentists they may have previously seen don’t know that it is a viable option” says Paige Woods DDS. “But when you see how miserable they’ve been from wearing dentures that don’t fit—and you can offer them an effective, affordable, way to regain their confidence and comfort, it’s just amazing.”

Although there are different kinds of dentures and dental implants that are available, there is no simple procedure that offers as much as the Implant Supported Dentures Procedure can do for patients. Being so cost effective and so simple for a patient to receive, it means that dentists are also much more likely to be able to train themselves in order to offer it to their patients.

“Several companies manufacture and provide small-diameter implants. For a healthy patient with adequate bone present, surgically oriented general dentists should be able to place these [narrow body implants] with minimal difficulty,” Christensen says. “So, if the patient is healthy with adequate bone, and the dentist has the surgical experience and likes to perform this type of procedure, there is no reason the general dentist can’t do it.” This means that it should become more and more popular among different dental offices, and that means that eventually absolutely everyone will have the ability to meet with their local dentist, and talk through the different options for their dentures – and whether or not it will be possible for them to receive the Implant Supported Dentures Procedure.

Sadly, there are still dentist that do not offer implants to their patients because they are either untrained, or simply unwilling to do it because they are not completely aware of the amazing benefits that Implant Supported Dentures Procedure offers to the patients, being both cheaper and less invasive than any other type of treatment. “Most patients have established trust with their general dentist and don’t want to be referred to someone else,” Dr. Paige Woods explains. “We can offer this procedure in order to provide patients with better support, retention, cushioning effect, and stabilization of the pre-existing denture.”

The Implant Supported Dentures Procedure is not invasive, and offers a great choice for those patients plagued for years with denture problems.

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