I am sure that there are many people who would love to be able to just swish a magic wand, and find that their teeth are not only completely healthy, but also look absolutely fabulous too! Don’t worry, I don’t think that a magic wand is going to make all of my patients’ dental problems disappear – though that would often be a lot easier! Instead, I want to tell you a little about the dental wand which is an exciting tool that I can use to make your experience visiting me here at the dental clinic that much more relaxing and quicker too.

Technically the full name of the Dental Wand is the CompuDent and Single Tooth Anesthesia System, but Dental Wand is a lot quicker and makes it easier to talk about. At its most basic level, the Dental Wand is a computer controlled dental injector, which means that it is a computer, and not me, that has control over exactly how much of the liquid inside it is released. This may sound a little strange, but actually the computer is going to have a much better accuracy rate than I am, and will be able to inject much smaller amounts in a controlled way than any human ever could. This slow and steady injection stream ensures that there aren’t any jerky and sudden increases in anything going into your mouth, so your whole body will be more relaxed and more willing to be treated.

What many people are unaware of is that when they receive injections of any kind, from the flu jab at the clinic to having your ears pierced, the pain that you experience is not actually from the needle at all. In fact, the discomfort and stinging that you feel is because the fluid within the needle is injected very quickly and your body reacts against something foreign coming into it so fast, and seemingly without any way of stopping it. That fight or flight mode that our bodies have developed kicks in, and your whole body will unperceptively tense up, causing the pain. The trouble is that it is almost impossible for anyone to be able to very slowly inject their patient over a long period of time, because that would require the steadiest hand known to mankind, and would also delay their ability to get any other tools ready.That is where the Dental Wand comes in. Instead of me, as your dentist, trying to keep incredibly skill and push the tiniest amounts of liquid into your mouth over a very long period of time, I can concentrate on the treatment that I am about to give you while the Dental Wand prepares your mouth perfectly.

One of my favorite things that the designers really understood was that we do not want syringes put in our mouths! That is why they have designed the Dental Wand to look almost exactly like a very space-age sort of pen. When I use it, I use it as though it is something that I want to write with, and that will often put my patients at ease – especially those who have a phobia of needles, or get very anxious and upset when they visit the dentist. I want to make sure that you are always completely comfortable, and the Dental Wand allows me to do that while still giving you the treatment that you require. In fact, researchers have found that the presence of the Dental Wand does not increase anxiety in the majority of patients at all, whilst just having a needle that is visible in the room can dramatically panic a patient.

As a dental professional, I have completely fallen in love with the Dental Wand and what it can do for you, my patients. I have never used an instrument that has given such a precise and controlled flow rate, along with a steady pressure rate that I have needed when giving treatments to a patient, and that means that all of the brain power that I was using only for the injection process I can now use to ensure that every single detail of the procedure itself is absolutely perfect. The Dental Wand is easy to handle and light, though strong enough for me to not worry about breaking it, and because it is designed to be used a little like a pen, it makes it easier for me to rotate and get into those difficult parts of a patient’s mouth.

Don’t worry: I’m not going to start saying that magic wands are the only way to fix your teeth and make them healthy again! But one of the joys of the 21st century is that technology is progressing really quickly, and this particular technology is going to make it a lot easier for you to have a safe and enjoyable visit to my dental clinic. To make an appointment and experience this painless new method of dental treatment, call (619) 640-5100.