In recent years, there has been an astounding increase in interest about cosmetic dentistry. As the American population ages and the business and social worlds become more competitive, we are more aware than ever that a beautiful and vibrant smile conveys a sense of confidence, health and youth. Because of the many advances in cosmetic dentistry, it’s also more affordable, less expensive and completely painless to improve your teeth in many different ways.

With cosmetic dentistry, our San Diego dental office can:

  • •Improve the shape, size and alignment of teeth
  • •Close unappealing spaces between teeth for a more pleasing appearance
  • •Correct or improve bite alignment
  • •Brighten or lighten the color of your teeth
  • •Fix decay, small chips and even larger breaks or cracks
  • •Replace missing teeth with bridges or implants
  • •Replace old and unattractive dental restorations
  • •And more.

Since your smile speaks before you ever say a word, it’s important to have beautiful teeth when you face whatever your life puts before you.

San Diego Cosmetic Dental Services Options

cosmetic invisalign treatment

Invisalign (Invisible Braces)

Dr. Paige Woods is pleased to be your San Diego cosmetic dentist and can provide a number of highly specialized services that you may not even know are available. These are designed to make you look better than you ever have and include:

  • Bonding to supplement teeth and gums
  • Porcelain veneers and laminates
  • Porcelain-over-metal crowns
  • Gum grafts
  • Removal of teeth or gums
  • Straightening of teeth for improved appearance
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Teeth bleaching or whitening
  • and more.

More About Cosmetic Dental Procedures Available

As a trusted San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. Woods offers treatments geared to each patient’s specific needs and expectations. This includes the most commonly requested procedure, teeth whitening in a dentist-supervised environment. Bonding, reshaping and sculpting are also available to further improve the look of teeth and the smile as a whole.

With reshaping, some of the tooth enamel is removed to make the tooth look better. This can improve the look of a chip, shorten a tooth or make teeth line up better for a more accurate bite. Results are quick and dramatic, but removed enamel cannot be replaced, and inner dentin is sometimes exposed, leading to sensitivity and other potential problems that must be addressed. Reshaping may be able to help you avoid braces and other more costly and complex procedures.

With bonding, a composite material that’s similar in look and function to enamel is attached to a tooth and sculpted to a better-looking and more functional tooth.

Dental Veneers


Veneers are a thin custom-made alternative that is glued onto teeth and can be successful in closing unappealing gaps and covering up teeth with discolorations that cannot be whitened away or solved in another way.

Additional cosmetic dentistry procedures include fixed bridges that fill in gaps where there are missing teeth. One or several teeth can be replaced with a fixed bridge. A cantilever bridge may be appropriate for front teeth or areas that aren’t under stress.

Still more procedures available from your San Diego cosmetic dentist include a gum lift which can sculpt and adjust the gum line and bite reclamation which can help people with a lot of wear from acid reflux or grinding.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Better Than Ever

Most cosmetic dentistry today is accomplished with composite or porcelain materials and biocompatible metals in some cases. There’s no need to use gold, amalgam or other metals that have proven harmful. Today’s materials look better, perform better and don’t negatively interact with the body. Safe adhesive are also used.

That means that cosmetic dentistry is safer, more effective and more accessible than ever before.

Why not contact us at (619) 640-5100 for more about how cosmetic dentistry can make a positive difference in your life?



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