Jim B. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“I found Dr. Woods because I needed a San Diego dentist I could trust after trying two others that were too slow and old-fashioned for me. I hadn’t been to a dentist’s office in years until about two years ago when I found a coupon and went to a dental clinic. I felt like a cow being herded around. They talked a lot and charge me for my two visits, but I never really got anything done. They just put me off and told me I needed another x-ray or consultation or that the dentist had to leave early and couldn’t see me.

So I went to a different clinic. It was nearly as bad. After that, I didn’t go anywhere for about 18 months, but then my tooth that the first clinic said was cracked started hurting. When I met with Dr. Woods, I found out it was infected and needed to come out.

My first experience with Dr. Woods was when I was already hurting. She got me in quickly and then dealt with my pain. Since she’s been working with me, I haven’t experienced any more dental pain. I needed the one extraction, a bridge to replace the missing tooth and also a crown on a tooth on the other side. I also needed two small fillings, which she did at the same time as fitting the crown.

I liked the digital x-rays and the 3D scan, both of which seemed to show a lot more than old-fashioned x-rays at the clinic did.

I was really worried about this dentist making my pain worse like dentists always had in the past, but she totally eliminated my pain and actually restored my faith in the medical professional.

I also like that Dr. Woods is a holistic dentist and doesn’t use metal fillings or suggest dangerous procedures. I’ve already recommended her to one friend at my apartment complex, and I’ll recommend her to anyone I know that needs dental work.”