At Brighton Dental San Diego, we’re a responsible dental clinic providing painless treatment using the latest technology and non-toxic dental materials. We provide cosmetically appealing results for every member of the family. Even if you haven’t been to a dentist in a long time or are anxious about getting in a dental chair, we can help.

Because of her commitment to putting patients first, Dr. Paige Woods of Brighton Dental San Diego can work with every member of your family – no matter what challenges you face in your dental care. We’ve seen it all, and we’re certain that there’s a solution to every dental problem. Why not contact us now at (619) 640-5100 for an appointment?


Painless Treatment Methods

At Brighton Dental San Diego, Dr. Woods and our staff use the following cutting-edge painless diagnosis and treatment methods:

Laser Cavity Detection

Laser Cavity Detection

  • Laser cavity detection with DIAGNOdent. We never have to do any unnecessary work when we detect your cavities with this laser tool. And if a cavity is shallow, there may be no drilling necessary to treat it.
  • CompuDent and Single Tooth Anesthesia with The Dental Wand. This computer-controlled dental injector means you may not feel a thing as you’re being numbed for your dental treatment. We also have topical anesthetics and pH-neutral warmed formulas as well as oral conscious sedation available to make sure you’re completely comfortable.
  • Microabrasion and low-heat drilling. With these modern methods, there’s no heat and no more removal of healthy tooth than absolutely necessary, reducing pain and time in the chair. With microabrasion, there could be no drilling at all, and low-heat, low-speed motors when drilling is necessary can do the job without pain.

We do whatever it takes to make sure you’re completely comfortable, no matter how much work you need.


Visually Appealing Results

Actual Patient Smiles

Actual Patient Smiles

Our commitment to cosmetic dentistry means we can make your smile better than ever while repairing damage, decay and other problems. At Brighton Dental San Diego, Dr. Woods can:

  • Reshape teeth to achieve sizing, shaping and alignment that looks and functions better
  • Close unattractive and inconvenient spaces between teeth
  • Correct problems with bite alignment that cause problems chewing, pain and an unappealing look
  • Change the coloring of teeth with whitening and brightening procedures
  • Fix ugly decay as well as cracks, chips, breaks and other damage
  • Replace teeth that are already missing with bridges, partials or modern implants
  • Undo the bad work done by previous dentists and give you better function and a better look.

With veneers, bridges, implants and other state-of-the-art choices, we can make your smile look better than ever while solving function problems and getting rid of pain that may have plagued you for years. And remember, when you come to us for cosmetic dentistry, we practice painless dentistry techniques – and our commitment to non-toxic, biologically compatible dentistry never wavers.


Non-Toxic Dental Materials

Mercury Filling Replacement

Silver (Mercury) Filling Replacement

At Brighton Dental San Diego, we’re committed to your overall health, not just your dental health. That’s why we use biologically compatible, non-toxic materials for dental restorations. We can remove your old mercury-containing amalgam fillings using safe, industry-proven procedures and replace them with strong, safe modern materials. Today, most restorations placed by Dr. Woods are made of composites or porcelain.

The composite material used by many dentists is a mixture of glass and BPA-containing plastic, we use a product that doesn’t have BPAs. While the composite we use contains a bit of fluoride – which isn’t ideal – it’s better and safer than anything else on the market.

Porcelain is incredibly hard and durable baked glass. While it’s more expensive than restoration with a composite material, you can’t beat the quality. Plus, baked porcelain doesn’t interact with saliva and isn’t released into your system.

At Brighton Dental, the choice is always yours – but we’d never do anything that could compromise your health in any way. There’s too much at stake to use old metal filling materials anymore.


The Right Techniques For Anxious Patients

Our brains are wired for anxiety in certain situations, and some of us experience it more intensely than others. Dr. Woods understands how our brains work and pays close attention to your needs as she treats you. Here are three promises from Brighton Dental San Diego:

Helping hands

  • You’re always informed. We don’t ever surprise you or move forward without your consent and understanding. You’re an active participant in your dental care and deserve to know what’s happening.
  • You’re always in control. Simply raise your hand if we’re moving too fast, if you have a concern or if you experience any pain. Anxiety is greatly reduced when you’re totally in control of how things move forward.
  • You’re never in pain. We simply don’t allow our patients to be in pain – and we’ll do what’s necessary to make sure you’re comfortable, anxiety-free and free of pain as well. Dental treatment isn’t barbaric anymore.

These promises to you ensure that your anxiety is reduced to a manageable level so we can complete necessary dental procedures and restore a beautiful, healthy and fully functional mouth and teeth.


Let’s Move Forward Together

You won’t find a dentist who is more committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Our commitments to painless, beautiful and safe dentistry for every patient mean you’ll always be safe and comfortable at our office.

No matter your dental challenges and problems, we’ll solve them. It’s what we do for people in the San Diego area every day. Let Brighton Dental and Dr. Paige Woods be your gentle dental solution. Why not contact us now at (619) 640-5100 to set up your first appointment?

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Patient Reviews

It was an agonizingly painful abscess that prompted me to see Dr. Woods. All I wanted was an end to the pain, and Dr. Woods gave me relief. She used a topical anesthetic before the injection, so I didn’t even feel the needle for the deeper numbing shot. If that had been all she did, I would have already left a happy customer.

After the pain subsided, she used a camera-wand thingy to show me the infected tooth on the television screen. She explained exactly what was going on, and as the tooth proved to be in worse shape than I thought and had to be extracted. Dr. Woods removed the tooth and put in a porcelain bridge. I was concerned that it wouldn’t look right, or wouldn’t feel natural. After my follow up appointment, I can honestly say that the bridge looks and feels exactly like my natural tooth. It looks and feels so normal that most of the time I forget it’s even there.

I came in looking for pain relief, but left excited to have a good dentist.. which is harder to find than a good mechanic!

– Vicki W.

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