Jaime L. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“Before this year, I last went to the dentist in 2005. My teeth were always good and I didn’t think I actually needed to go every 6 months, and the dentist I used to go to seemed to always want to do a little filling or something that I didn’t think I actually needed. But over the last 1-2 years my teeth have turned really yellow. My nephew recommended Dr. Woods when he found out I was in the market for a San Diego Dentist, so I set up an appointment for a cleaning – which I needed a lot worse than I thought. I liked all the people there, everyone was very warm and caring. Turned out I actually only needed two small fillings on my back teeth and everything else was ok. Dr. Woods set me up with vendors to restore the white color my teeth had lost since whitening wasn’t a good option for me. Anyways, I couldn’t be happier.”