“Dr. Woods and her dental assistant Jose are redoing eight crowns on the top front teeth. The crowns were applied incorrectly from another dentist. The prior procedure was jeopardizing the health of my teeth and the aesthetics was poor. I’m very satisfied with my first appointment today. I had no pain! I feel confident that my next appointment will be just as successful. Their professionalism, knowledge and bedside manner has been the best experience I’ve ever had in dental care. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see my permanent crowns. I look forward to a healthy mouth and a

Lisa D. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“Dr woods is amazing. She was so caring and knowledgable about the extensive treatment I needed. I had a bunch of crowns done and they turned out beautiful and natural. I would highly recommend her and her staff. Fantastic office.” 0.0 User Rating 5 (1 vote) Sending

Alex M. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“Before this year, I last went to the dentist in 2005. My teeth were always good and I didn’t think I actually needed to go every 6 months, and the dentist I used to go to seemed to always want to do a little filling or something that I didn’t think I actually needed. But over the last 1-2 years my teeth have turned really yellow. My nephew recommended Dr. Woods when he found out I was in the market for a San Diego Dentist, so I set up an appointment for a cleaning – which I needed a lot

Jaime L. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“Paige Woods provided me options for the work to be performed to repair my teeth. She provided me information that helped me assess the risk for each procedure. I have trouble breathing though my nose; while Paige performed the procedure to repair my teeth she made sure I was able to breathe thru my mouth. There was no pain during the procedure; some of work Paige performed was the extraction of a tooth and repair to two other molars. I recommend Paige Woods to any individual that previously had a bad experience at the dentist, or fears going to the

Alex S. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“Just saw Dr Paige Woods yesterday and so relieved that I found a dentist that understands me and my holistic lifestyle. I had some toxic mercury fillings that were causing me pain yesterday and feeling great today. Going back next week for my cleaning and possibly some porcelain veneers. Excited for my new smile.” Review Rating 5.0 User Rating 5 (1 vote) Sending

Nikki R. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“Dr.Woods is amazing… She has amazing bedside manners and made me feel instantly comfortable. I went to her for a consult on veneers as I had cracks and chips on me front teeth. Her shots are painless and her work is beautiful. I get complements on my smile daily. Highly recommend Dr.Woods if you’re looking to get a beautiful smile.” Review Rating 5.0 User Rating 5 (1 vote) Sending

Jeremy Z. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“The only San Diego dentist I could find to deal with my one shattered tooth (and other decayed teeth) in a way I felt would be cosmetically appealing with non-toxic materials is Dr. Woods. For some reason, most of the dentists that met my criteria were not located close enough to me in Mission Valley. She ended up doing an extraction, a bridge, and 2 veneers, all of which came out way better than expected. Happy to leave a review for her!” Review Rating 5.0 User Rating 5 (1 vote) Sending

James H. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“I found Dr. Woods because I needed a San Diego dentist I could trust after trying two others that were too slow and old-fashioned for me. I hadn’t been to a dentist’s office in years until about two years ago when I found a coupon and went to a dental clinic. I felt like a cow being herded around. They talked a lot and charge me for my two visits, but I never really got anything done. They just put me off and told me I needed another x-ray or consultation or that the dentist had to leave early and

Jim B. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“Dr Woods is everything u could want in a dentist.. Experienced, well read about current treatments and efficient. She provides care to her patients that is in their best interest and offers solutions to fit your budget. In addition, she is gentle and kind.. If u are needing a new dentist, I highly recommend Dr Paige Woods DDS” Review Rating 5.0 User Rating 5 (1 vote) Sending

Gina B. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“I went in to see Dr Woods to fill a cavity and have a chip filled, painless most comfortable dentist experience ever. Maybe the technology is getting better these days or she’s just that good.. you decide :)” Review Rating 5.0 User Rating 5 (1 vote) Sending

Ellen S. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

“Since moving from out of state, I’ve been looking for a San Diego dentist I can trust. I had really let things go in the last couple of years, and by the time I got to California, I had a broken tooth and had lots of cavities that had gotten pretty bad. I’m trying to get healthy overall these days, and I knew I wanted to find a modern dentist that used non-toxic materials. I also wanted someone who could do what I needed quickly and efficiently, something the last dentist I went to couldn’t manage. When I called for

Carol H. [Dr. Paige Woods Review]

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